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Welcome to IDM Plus

   Russian modern fast-grown fabless-company specifying in development of integrated circuits with various applications using advanced design methods and manufacturing technologies.
   The main advantage of «IDM-PLUS» - our knowledges about all nuances of design methods and IC’s development flow are received in close cooperation with key Russian (JSC Mikron, JSC Sitronics) and foreign (Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp.- China; HHNEC Corp.- China; XFAB Semiconductor– Germany) fabs. Therefore the problems seem compound for the customers our design-center considers ones as typical. It considerably reduces customization time-frame.
    Besides the manufacturing expertise «IDM-PLUS» also has knowledges about features of order documentation standards for each fabs.
    «IDM-PLUS» strives to satisfy of the most exacting customers with a glance their requirements, constantly tracking and applying the innovative design styles such as EDA (Electronic Design Automation).
    «IDM-PLUS» hopes to become a reliable partner for you!

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