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Import analog: iC-MU(iC-Haus), iC-MU150(iC-Haus)

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Technical specifications:

Supply voltage 5±10%V,
Supply current < 70mA
Magnetic nonius based absolute position calculation algorithm
Two magnetic nonius track
Resolution up to 18 bits (262144 steps per revolution, 5 arc.sec.)

-64 pole pairs / 18 bits / 4 000 rpm;
-32 pole pairs / 17 bits / 8 000 rpm;
-16 pole pairs / 16 bits / 16 000 rpm;

Microcontroller-compatible serial interface (SPI, Incremental, SSI, PWM)
PWM frequency: 150/312/625/1250/2500/5000/10000/20000 Hz
The maximum frequency of the SPI interface is 4 MHz
Programming interface: SPI or one-wire interface (integrated with PWM and incremental A pin)
Automatic gain control system
Built-in temperature sensor
Programming position period (setting for BLDC motors with various number of poles)
Embedded linearization of the position code
QFN48 package (7 × 7 mm)


The PSA-18 is used for magnetic off-axis absolute position detection with integrated Hall sensors and special multipole magnetic target wheel. By scanning two separate magnetic track i.e. the master and nonius track the device calculate absolute position within one mechanical revolution. The chip conditions the sensor signals and compensates for typical signal errors The PSA-18 converts the signal from a specially magnetized code disk or ruler to a digital absolute position code. Due to the use of a code disc with two tracks with different number of poles, a high overall resolution is achieved.

The chip provides the possibility of using code magnetic carriers with a different number of pole pairs (up to 64) and different lengths of the pole pair.

The PSA-18 has a built-in automatic gain control independently for each channel, providing a constant signal at the output of the sensor system when the distance between the magnet and the microchip changes.

The chip has a built-in linearization of the position code, which provides the ability to compensate for the conversion error caused by the non-ideals of the position sensor assembly.

The PSA-18 comes in a small and compact QFN48 package (7× 7 mm).

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