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IDM-PLUS is a modern fast-growing company.

IDM-Plus was founded in 2005 with the idea of ​​creating a modern company in the development and manufacture of microchips and angular and linear position sensors.

In recent years, the company IDM-Plus has grown rapidly, but the scope of activity has remained unchanged - microcircuits and sensors of angular and linear position. Constant research and development led to the emergence of many breakthrough technologies and solutions in the field of creating precision position sensors.

The philosophy of "Accuracy in all things" is preserved to this day.

Presented in the products catalog IDM-PLUS, widely used in the production of machine-tool plants, robotic complexes, automated complexes, systems of technological and industrial control.

In addition to the success of the company IDM-Plus in the creation of modern angular and linear position sensors and microcircuits for their production, we understand that such high results that the IDM-Plus has achieved would not have been without our specialists who are behind the development of our products. From engineers, production personnel and to administrative staff, each employee is empowered and appreciated for his work, and commitment to his work. Many employees work for more than 15 years at IDM-Plus, which gives us the necessary experience and knowledge, which ensure the highest quality of the products of IDM-Plus.
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